The Infiniti InTouch Infotainment System

Infiniti InTouch

Are you an Oak Brook, IL area driver looking to add innovation, navigation and entertainment to your dashboard? Look no further than the Infiniti InTouch Infotainment system available in most new Infiniti cars, crossovers and SUVs. The InTouch Infotainment system from Infiniti puts you in control of your phone, entertainment system and vehicle without taking your hands off the wheel.

Infiniti has always been on the cutting edge of technology when it comes to design and performance, but the InTouch system also puts Infiniti at the cutting edge of in-car connectivity.

The InTouch system features an available 24/7 concierge service to Infiniti drivers. Need reservations? Theatre tickets? Any questions? Your Infiniti Personal Assistant is on call to help with any need you might have.

The InTouch system also puts your schedule in your car with Google Schedule. Your vehicle can either show your appointments on the touch screen or read them out loud to you while you drive.

The integrated navigation system features built-in maps, destination search and enhanced traffic information as close as your tongue is to your teeth. It’s possible to get to your destination using voice commands to change maps, search for new destinations and get traffic information.

The Infiniti InTouch Infotainment system delivers music to suit any desire or any moment you’re on the road. It’s possible to stream audio using Bluetooth connectivity or use SiriusXM radio to get the audio you want, when you want it. In addition to streaming and Sirius XM, the InTouch system also offers iPod or mp3 connectivity. AM/FM channels also come through with perfect clarity thanks to HD radio. The InTouch system puts thousands of hours of listening pleasure in the cabin of your Infiniti car, crossover or SUV.

The Infiniti InTouch Infotainment system is the most in-depth in-car connectivity system available to drivers in Oak Brook, IL. Infiniti of Clarendon Hills is the perfect destination for Oak Brook, IL drivers looking to add the latest in connectivity features to your driveway today. We have several trim options of the 2015 Infiniti lineup available for the Oak Brook, IL area to test drive today. Contact us through our website, by phone or visit in-person to get additional information.

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