Infiniti Impresses with the Synaptiq Concept Car at the LA Auto Show


 Downers Grove drivers have long wondered what the future of the auto industry has in store. Infiniti gave Downers Grove area drivers a glimpse of what drivers can expect at the 2014 L.A. Auto Show with the Infiniti Synaptiq concept. The L.A. Auto Show design contest asked auto manufacturers to envision how humans would interact with vehicles in 2029.

Infiniti replied with their Synaptiq concept. The Synaptiq combines augmented reality, 3-D hologram and wearable tech to truly bring driving to a completely different level.
The Synaptiq is a concept designed to connect with drivers in the literal sense. Synaptiq is designed to use a Symbiotic User Interface Technology (SUIT) to connect the driver’s spinal column directly to the car with a spinal lock attachment. The driver is held in place by the SUIT and has their thoughts directly connected to the vehicle.

The design may appear to be futuristic even in 2015, but that doesn’t mean these technologies are that far off from appearing in a showroom. Downers Grove has always received innovative technology from Infiniti and the Synaptiq concept could be the next step in the evolution of driving from Infiniti.

The Synaptiq is a long, long way from appearing any where near an Infiniti dealership, but Infiniti of Clarendon Hills has every model of Infiniti cars, crossovers and SUVs available to the Downers Grove area.

Contact Infiniti of Clarendon Hills to add a new or pre-owned Infiniti car, crossover or SUV to your Downers Grove parking space. Infiniti of Clarendon Hills can be reached through our home page, by phone or in-person at our office.

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