Just another perk of shopping at Infiniti of Clarendon Hills – free oil changes for life

infiniti oil change chicago ilYou probably know the importance of having your vehicle’s engine oil changed regularly. If you don’t, then we’re here to tell you that it’s actually really important. Changing the engine oil ensures that the vital parts of your engine are lubricated. Old oil gets thin and starts to heat up, which can lead to internal issues. A new oil filter also keeps dirt and foreign materials out of the inside of your engine. So basically, it’s vital to have your oil changed. But who wants to pay for it to get done every six months or so? Well, here at Infiniti of Clarendon Hills, you can get free oil changes for the life of your car – provided you bought the car from us.

Free Infiniti Oil Changes IL

Yes, you read that last sentence correctly. We offer free oil changes near Chicago, Orland Park and the surrounding communities for our customers. All you have to do is buy a new or used car from us, and you are automatically in the program. And once you look at our selection of vehicles, we don’t think you’ll have any issue finding something that you are interested in.

The free lifetime oil changes don’t just include the oil – it’s the whole works. They are also specifically approved for Infiniti automobiles. You get 5-7 quarts of Infiniti approved oil and a genuine Infiniti oil filter. But the fun doesn’t stop there. Our Infiniti Express Oil Change also includes a multi-point inspection, tire pressure check, courtesy wash and interior vacuum.

So, would you rather pay between $25-$40 every time your car needs an oil change, plus pay extra for inspections and car washes? Or, would you like to become a member of our free lifetime oil changes club near Orland Park? We’re pretty sure this is an obvious decision to make.


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